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I. Research Highlights

1. Optimizing Anthrax Surveillance and Revealing the Threat of Zoonotic Schistosomiasis in Nigeria: Contributions by Dr. Taylor-Robinson A.W.:

Dr. Taylor-Robinson A.W. has been instrumental in two significant research endeavors. Firstly, in collaboration with a team, he contributed to a study on combatting anthrax outbreaks along Nigeria''s national land borders, emphasizing the need to optimize surveillance and epidemiological surveys. This research, titled "Combatting anthrax outbreaks across Nigeria’s national land borders: need to optimize surveillance with epidemiological surveys," was published in Infectious Diseases of Poverty, Volume 13, October 2024. Secondly, his research sheds light on the concealed threat of zoonotic schistosomiasis originating from genetic hybrid parasites of livestock cattle in Nigeria. This study, titled "Zoonotic schistosomiasis in Nigeria: the concealed threat to humans posed by genetic hybrid parasites of livestock cattle origin," was published in the book "Current Topics in Zoonoses," edited by A.J. Rodriguez-Morales and published by InTech Open, Rijeka, Croatia, on February 19, 2024.

2. Insights into STI Prevalence and HIV Risk Perception: Study by Dr. David R Bangsberg and Collaborators:

Dr. David R Bangsberg, alongside a multidisciplinary team, conducted a study on the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV risk perception among women undergoing STI screening as part of a safer conception study. This research, titled "STI prevalence, partner notification and HIV risk perception in a cohort of women completing STI screening as part of a safer conception study," was conducted by Ivana Beesham, Oluwaseyi Isehunwa, Yolandie Kriel, Manjeetha Jaggernath, Kara Bennett, Kathleen Hurwitz, Patricia M Smith, Pooja Chitneni, Shannon Bosman, David R Bangsberg, Jeanne M Marrazzo, Jennifer A Smit, and Lynn T Matthews

    3. Professor Pranee Liamputtong has 2 journal articles published in February 2024.

Pakpahan, C., Agustinus, A., Sa''adi, A., Thi Thu An Nguyen, Liamputtong, P., Effendy, C., & Hinting, A.  (2024). “Lay understanding and experience of sexual intercourse among couples with infertility undergoing an assisted reproduction technology program: A qualitative study.” This paper is based on her collaborative research in Indonesia.

Ceprnja, D., Chipchase, L., Liamputtong, P., & Gupta, A. (2024). “Physical activities and pregnant women in Australia”. Health Promotion Journal of Australia. This paper is based on the work of her PhD student at Western Sydney University, where she worked prior to taking up her position at VinUniversity.

    4. OMI Seminar

            Two PGY4 Surgery residents namely Dr. Tran Manh Thang and Dr. Luong Mong Vu Anh attended the OMI seminar on Trauma and Emergency Surgery from 11-17 Feb 2024 in Austria to present case reports in the seminar. Dr. Anh won the best-case presentation award in the seminar.


II. External Highlights

MOU signing ceremony with Osaka Metropolitan University

On 21st February, at Osaka Metropolitan University (OMU) in Osaka, Japan, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam, an event was held to summarize the exchanges between Osaka Metropolitan University (OMU) and Viet Nam to date, further expand the strategic partnership in the future, and look ahead to the future. The MOU signing ceremony welcomed delegates from Vietnam, especially the Vietnamese ambassador in Japan, and marked a significant milestone in the collaboration between VinUni and Osaka Metropolitan University, solidifying the commitment to fostering academic exchange and cooperation between two institutions. Officially signed by representatives from VinUni and OMU, the MOU outlined the framework for collaboration in areas such as academic exchange programs, joint research projects, faculty/student exchanges, and other mutually beneficial initiatives. Following the signing ceremony, there were opportunities for networking and discussions between delegates from VinUni and Osaka Metropolitan University. These interactions served to deepen understanding, establish personal connections, and explore potential areas for collaboration. Overall, the MOU signing ceremony was a resounding success, laying the foundation for a fruitful partnership between VinUni and Osaka Metropolitan University. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to working closely with our counterparts in Japan to realize our shared goals. 


III. Accreditation

Following a success whenVinUniversity has become the first Sponsoring Institution in Vietnam to achieve ACGME-I accreditation, on February 2nd 2024, VinUniversity was accredited by ACGME-International (ACGME-I) for its residency training programs in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and General Surgery at both basic and advanced levels, effective from July 1, 2023. Achieving ACGME-I accreditation is a significant milestone, demonstrating VinUni''s and the College of Health Sciences’ commitment to the highest standards in medical education, ensuring postgraduate medical education standards, and preparing residents with the necessary knowledge and skills. ACGME-I applies U.S. residency training standards for foreign countries, with criteria such as ensuring educational quality, patient safety, professional development, assessment and feedback, research and innovation, and supporting trainees'' physical and mental well-being. ACGME-I particularly emphasizes that patient safety must go hand in hand with training quality.

To learn more about our ACGME-I accreditation and what it means for our institution, please visit ACGME-I website via this link: https://www.acgme-i.org/newsroom/review-committees-approve-accreditation-of-programs-including-firsts-in-two-sponsoring-institutions/