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I. Teaching Highlights

1. University of Pennsylvania visiting faculty in January

Since January 22, the IM residents have been offered a two - week opportunity to round with Professor Stephen J. Gluckman, Medical Director of Penn Global Medicine, University of Pennsylvania and Director of International Travel Medicine, Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine & Penn Medicine Chestnut Hill, Penn Medicine Radnor.

Dr Gluckman’s clinical expertise includes International Medicine, Parasitic Disease, Travel Medicine, Tropical Diseases. In addition to bedside teaching and participation in the IM teaching conference schedule, he also hosted two case presentation sessions.

2. VirtaMed ArthroS simulation system has just been equipped at VinUniversity

The arthroscopy simulation system, VirtaMed ArthroS, has just been equipped at VinUni on January 9th 2024. The VirtaMed ArthroS is one of the most advanced and comprehensive arthroscopy simulators currently. This simulator is designed to provide a highly sophisticated and thorough training experience for medical professionals engaging in arthroscopic procedures. Trainees have the chance to perform complete diagnostic arthroscopic interventions on numerous and diverse patient cases. Mastering these basic tasks enables trainees to perform a complete arthroscopy more easily, efficiently and safely

II. Research Highlights

1. Professor Pranee Liamputtong''s two hard copy handbooks, originally published in 2022, have now been released in a soft copy format by the publisher. This transformation enhances accessibility for students and researchers. 

  • Liamputtong, P (ed.) (2023) How to Conduct Qualitative Research in the Social Sciences. Published by Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK.
  • Liamputtong, P. (ed.) (2023) Handbook of Qualitative Cross-Cultural Research: A Social Science Perspective. Also published by Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK.

2. Dr. Andrew W. Taylor-Robinson has made a significant contribution to CHS''s research endeavors with a publication in the latest issue “Are Growing Inequities Leaving Africa Behind in the Post-Pandemic Public Health Landscape?”

Published in the Pan African Medical Journal. 2024;47:16. Released on 15 Jan 2024. This insightful work, co-authored by Dr. Taylor-Robinson, explores the impact of growing inequities on Africa''s position in the post-pandemic public health landscape. 

III. External Highlights

1. Recap on Prof. Robert Wachter''s visit from Jan 8 to Jan 10, 2024

On January 8th-10th, 2024, the College of Health Sciences (CHS), VinUniversity welcomed Professor Robert Wachter - Chair of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), USA. During the visit, Professor Wachter had a meeting and discussion with President Le Mai Lan and CHS leaders. President Le Mai Lan introduced and shared with the professor about VinUni''s ideals, formation and development as well as its orientation to become an excellent university, thereby expressing interest in cooperation with UCSF, which benefits for VinUni students to study, gain new knowledge and experiences. On January 9th, Professor Wachter paid a visit to Vinmec Times City Hospital - one of four practice hospitals affiliated with CHS, VinUni. Here, he attended clinical classes with Internal Medicine residents and was the speaker at a seminar with the topic "The history and current status of the hospitalist field, from zero to 50,000", with the participation of senior leaders, heads of department and doctors at Vinmec hospital

2. Recap on the UPenn team''s visit from Jan 18 to Feb 2, 2024 to VinUni

CHS welcomed the University of Pennsylvania delegation to visit and work from January 18 to February 2, 2024. The delegation includes Professor Glen Gaulton - Vice Dean and Director of Global Health, Professor Stephen Gluckman - Medical Director of Penn Global Medicine, Professor Lisa Zaoutis - Physician at Children''s Hospital of Philadelphia and Doctor Ryan McAuley - Penn Adjunct Faculty, Internal Medicine Residency Program. The delegation participated in meetings with VinUni and CHS leaders, discussed and reported annual review on MD, GME and BN program, observed classes for 2nd and 3rd year students and organized “office hours” for 4th year student and residents. Professor Glen Gaulton had quick discussions with students about the curriculum, career pathway.... and shared about the Master''s program at UPenn. Professor Gluckman and Zaoutis, Dr. McAuley visited teaching hospitals, joined rounds and clinical observations with the students and residents. On January 26, Dr. McAuley attended the admission program with the directors/deputy directors of the residency program in Hue city.

 3. Global Health Imaging Case Report Competition: VinUnian''s success in Advancing Respiratory Health

Le Tran Khanh Lam, a dedicated fourth-year medical student at College of Health Sciences - VinUniversity, recently achieved an impressive third place in the Global Health Imaging Case Report Competition. This competition, organized by Penn Medicine, Children''s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), and the Perelman School of Medicine Center, to help medical trainees from low- and middle-income countries to develop their professional skills

Her winning case, titled ''Lung Cancer Resembling Pneumonia on Chest CT,'' showcased clinical expertise in resource-limited settings, highlighting the need for caution in diagnosing pneumonic-type lung adenocarcinoma, often confused with infectious pneumonia. 

Lam''s success not only mirrors her dedication to global health but also emphasizes the significance of sharing diverse medical insights between institutions.

4. MOU signing ceremonies

In January 2024, the Institute of Health Sciences, VinUni successfully organized three Memorandum of Understanding signing ceremonies with the National Taiwan University of Health Sciences and Nursing, Yonsei University, Korea and Sheba Medical Center, Israel. The highlight of the ceremonies is the simultaneous sign of representatives of both sides, ready to embark on a journey of cooperation, taking advantage of the strengths of both units to achieve common goals and results. The opening speech by representatives on each side emphasized the importance of cooperation and the dynamic potential of the Memorandum of Understanding. The visual presentation provided an overview of the main contents of the MOU, highlighting the framework, shared responsibilities and common goals.

IV. Accreditation

Accreditation activities of Bachelor of Nursing Program

Bachelor of Nursing Program successfully passed the second accreditation round and was officially approved as a Candidate for initial accreditation by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

During the Candidacy process, ACEN experts paid visits VinUni to professionally assess the program’s ability to demonstrate compliance with the ACEN Standards and Criteria. The final Cycle would be considered based on the expert’s assessment. Notably, ACEN applies the same standards and criteria for international institutions as US nursing programs. Therefore, these strict requirements demand the institution to demonstrate stringent compliance from day one of student enrollment to accreditation.

The ACEN’s representative noted that Bachelor of Nursing program excelled in many criteria, indicating its high quality. It took only 3.5 years for VinUni to accomplish two out of three ACEN rounds, officially becoming a candidate for initial accreditation of this prestigious authority. VinUni has set a record for the speed of reaching candidate status, which typically requires a significantly longer duration to meet ACEN’s requirements.