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I. Teaching Highlights

1. Mastering the Art of Teaching in Simulation-based Training

On March 5, 2024, the VinUniversity Medical Simulation Center, for the first time, collaborated with Phan Chau Trinh University (Quang Nam province) to organize a training course titled "Basic Clinical Simulation" with nearly 50 instructors participating. The training course provided new instructors with the fundamental principles in simulation-based training.

     Throughout the training session, the instructors were introduced to learning principles for adult, basic theories of simulation-based training, the process of conducting a simulation session, fundamental knowledge to develop a simulation scenario, and notably had the opportunity to directly practice a debriefing session. At the end of the training, the participants provided positive feedback and expressed their desire to participate in more specialized courses on simulation-based training in the future.


2. MD Year-3 Students Gain Practical Insights in Cardiology Field Trip to Military 108 Hospital

MD Year 3 students completed their field trip to Military 108 Hospital within their Cardiology block. Beside Vinmec Times City, at Military 108 Hospital, the students had the opportunity to attend the ward rounds, outpatient - inpatient treatment, observe cardiac diagnostic testing, and catheterization laboratory where minimally invasive procedures are performed to treat cardiovascular disease. 

II. Research Highlights

Highlighting Scholarly Achievements: Notable Publication from Dr. Duong Duc Anh and Adjunct Faculty at Military 108 Hospital

We are excited to highlight two noteworthy publications that showcase the remarkable contributions of Dr. Duong Duc Anh, a third-year resident of the Internal Medicine Residency Program, and esteemed adjunct faculty members at Military 108 Hospital on their scholarly activities.

A study on clinical characteristics and management of anaphylaxis in Emergency Department by Do Thanh Hoa, Vu Anh Duc, Nguyen Hai Ghi, Le Xuan Duong, Duong Duc Anh, published by Journal of 108 - Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy 

III. External Highlights

Signing Ceremony with Hanoi Heart Hospital

We are thrilled to announce the successful signing ceremony between CHS and Hanoi Heart Hospital, marking a significant milestone in the commitment to advancing healthcare and education in Vietnam.

The ceremony, held on 6th March, brought together esteemed representatives from both institutions to formalize our partnership. Through this collaboration, Hanoi Heart Hospital will leverage its expertise in cardiovascular care to enhance practical training programs for CHS students, fostering innovation and excellence in medical education.
This strategic partnership promises to elevate medical training standards and advance cutting-edge cardiac treatments. Together, CHS and Hanoi Heart Hospital herald a promising partnership poised to transform healthcare and education in Vietnam for generations to come.

IV. Internal/Cultural/Learning (Within VinUni) Highlights

Thesis defense of residency programs

From 28th February to 1st March, Internal medicine and pediatrics residents of the first cohort completed the residency thesis defense.

V. Accreditation


Following the achievement of residency training program accreditation, from 27th – 29th March, 2024, ACGME-I leaders visited Vietnam to organize the milestones workshop for PDs, APDs and faculties, meet with the potential residency programs and train coordinators to help orient them to ACGME-I accreditation and the ADS system. 

Milestones workshop was held all day at Convention Hall - 7th Floor, Vinmec Hospital Building. These milestones are intended to help learners, programs, and the Review Committees-International to improve educational, assessment, and accreditation processes. This workshop plays an important role in maintaining accreditation.

The training workshop for coordinators be held during 2 hours to help orient them to ACGME-I accreditation and the ADS system and answer any questions and concerns of coordinators.

Dr. James A. Arrighi, M.D - President and CEO ACGME-I presented about "ACGME-I Accreditation: Building Community and Fostering Improvement”, one of the Grand Rounds series. The event attracted a lot of attention and was highly appreciated by all participants. He also joined a podcast series dedicated to the College of Health Sciences to share his career journey and leadership experiences.

2. The Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center at Vinmec Times City International Hospital was accredited as the 12th Medical Center of Excellence by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

     On March 19, 2024, the Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center at Vinmec Times City International Hospital was accredited as the 12th Medical Center of Excellence by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). This acknowledgment highlights its pivotal role as the main clinical site for the orthopaedic residency program, offering residents increased opportunities for studying and specializing in sports medicine.